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Our linked questionnaire is required to inquire about Tuition costs.
 fees are located in the questionnaire. 

Registration Fees:
Registration fees are separate from tuition costs.

Graduation Fee:
All graduating seniors and K5 graduates will be required to purchase the cap and gown for the graduation ceremony.

Book Fees:
Book fees are due in July.

LHCS will be operating as close as possible to an at-cost only school. The tuition will be due by August 1 of the school year.

If the tuition cannot be paid in full, it can be paid each semester or monthly. Payments become delinquent after the 15th of each month. There will be a $15 late charge after the 15th, which is payable with that month's tuition payment. Partial payment does not exempt an account from late fees. Should a check be returned to our office because of insufficient funds, a $25 charge will be incurred, and parents will be notified to come in, make case payment, and pick up the returned check. 

If payment and late fee is not paid by the last day of the month, the child may not be allowed to return to school the 1st of the month. In the event of hardship, the school must be notified.

In the event a child is withdrawn or cannot return, no records will be released until the account has been brought to a current status.

Since LHCS will be operation at cost, the tuition will vary each school year based upon the number of students. 

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